• Conduct an extensive survey of existing Grassland in Kutch to find out the current status of the habitat, plant life, birds and animals.
  • Prepare a list of species found and the species already extinct locally
  • Organize a slide show presentation in the villages around the habitat to bring awareness and to educate the students and the villagers about the importance of the grass land ecology and conservation.
  • Conduct a training sessions with forest department to educate and inform the cattle and sheep grazers about seasonal grazing and harvesting methods, preserving the core zone for the re-generation of the grasses and plant life, and to protect the environment from burning and cutting from the illegal tress passers.
  • Based on the survey findings, prepare the recommendations for the forest department and for the NGO organizations about the “Habitat protection” suggestions steps.
  • Create a Bio-reserve a grassland habitat with local species of grasses and medicinal herbs/plants to provide the shelter and breeding areas for native birds such Great Indian Bustard, Black Francolin, Lesser Florican and more. This safe haven will also provide home for Caracal cat, Wolf and the Indian Hyena. This area will act as “field station” for research work being conducted.

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