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  • Carry out extensive field studies and research work on environment, wildlife and habitat at a grassroots level. Prepare recommendations for future conservation actions and work with other individuals/ groups and the governments to save and protect our environment including grassland habitat, medicinal plant life, wildlife, water sources, with the participation of rural communities.

  • Bring awareness and educate school students in the villages and towns through slides presentations, film shows, nature camps and social forestry and conservation projects.

  • Set up and established community based ‘Habitat model’ to provide safe haven and “breeding cover zone” for local birds, medicinal plants, animals and reptiles and create a safe migratory corridor.

  • Conduct fund raising seminars, talks, video film presentation to get outside funds for the field studies, producing books, films and admin/field staff support.

  • Endangered species such as Tiger and its forest habitat track preservation is the top most priority.

  • Protecting Migratory birds from window and power lines collisions crashing .High rise building that kills millions of birds each year during the pick seasonal migration times for birds. Other structure such as mobile towers, power lines act as “death trap” for birds.

Major Ecological threats are:

  • Conversion of prime wildlife habitat for various developmental activities like farming ,development of roads, Industries, Human settlements and other Infrastructural facilities.

  • Uncontrolled grazing –practice on remaining patches of the grassland and encroachments.

  • Extensive use of insecticides and pesticides in the farmland to protect the crop, which harms the birds that eats the insects and grains by poisoning them.

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