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Grassland and Great Indian Bustard Campaign

Purpose: (A)

Since past few Years, the grassland and the bush Country habitat in Kutch region of Gujarat State, India is under pressure due to overgrazing by Cattle. In recent Years, large tracks of land are converted in to farmland for cash crops such as Cotton. Most of the native birds, animals and plant life have suffered seriously in this isolated semi- arid region and some of the rare and unique wildlife is vanishing very fast. The Habitat fragmentation is destroying the migratory passage or fly over corridor and eventually driving the native species of wildlife towards extinction.

The grassland habitat project called “Living Savannah” will create and restore the wasteland in to one of the finest open grassland protected reserves teaming with local birds and animals. Local vegetation will provide cover, food and shelter to many birds such as Gray Partridges and Black Francolin,, Lesser Florican, Larks, Quails and the highly endangered magnificent Great Indian Bustard. It is also hoped that the rare Caracal Cat and the Indian Wolf will inhabit the Savannah once a good number of Indian Gazelle or the Chinkara antelope population is restored in the protected habitat. Importantly, this preserve will act as a “passage corridor” for migrating birds and a “Breeding zone ” for local birds/wildlife during the monsoon seasons as an ideal habitat.

Following is the outlines of the project:

  • Fifty plus acre land to start the project.
  • Grass plots will be created –planted with local grasses.
  • “Gando Baval” will be removed at some areas.
  • Scrub and bushes and flowering plant will be planted such as Borli and others to provide food and shelter including local medicinal herbs/plants.
  • Water whole will be created at the one end of the common Grove-plot.
  • Some local trees such as Pilu and Desi Acacia will be planted to provide cover.
  • Nest Boxes will be put for birds to nest and breeds.
  • High elevated termite mound will be created for ground birds to display.
  • Consulting help from BNHS, Game Conservancy, and Living Desert, WWF,WTI will be taken to use expertise in habitat creation /preservations and management.
  • Watch tower and guard post will be created to watch the wildlife and to provide facility to the visitors. (Stand alone Kitchen/Rest room)

Names/Photos of some of the Wildlife found in the Grassland of Kutch:

  • Great Indian Bustard.
  • Lesser Florican.
  • Gray & Black Francolin/Partridge.
  • Common & Bush Quails.
  • Sand Grouse-Common/Painted
  • Larks/Finches/other birds.
  • Chinkara Antelope
  • Indian Wolf.
  • Caracal Cat.
  • Falcons/Eagles
  • Snakes/Lizards.
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