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Rescue and Rehabilitation Project for injured Wildlife


A team of four or five dedicated members will be on “Stand by” for rescue and relief operation for the injured animal or bird found in the wilderness. The well train team member will work with local villagers and the forest officers to rescue the animal. The team will also work towards reducing and eliminating “Man-Animal conflict” that is on the rise in some region. The specific responsibilities would be:

  • Trap the Leopard or Wolf which is causing some damage in and around villages by praying on domestic cattle or goats. Examine and release the animal in to the wild away for the human settlement in a natural habitat within habitat/ Geographic location. At times, the team will try to scare away the wild animal by various technique and provide vigilance so that animal does not harm the people or cattle.

  • Team member will also educate and bring awareness among villages about importance of conserving the habitat and rare and unique wildlife found . It will be done through films, books, posters and presentations.

  • The team members will also capture the weak or injured bird, animal or reptile with the help of forest department and keep it at the rehabilitation center till it is recovered and release back in to the wild.

  • The team member will also educate villagers and school children about the important role the snake, birds and owls play in our nature by conducting Nature seminars and snake shows.

The team member will be carefully selected and will be train to handle such tasks. They will be equip with dedicated Mobile phone ,capturing tools, first aid kits, camera, vehicle and food/water packs for the survival. All the expenses related to such assignment will be paid by the Funds that will be specially created for this mission.

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