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Ecocare is a not for profit registered organization under the internal revenue service-USA tax exempt status, section 501(c) (3). Financial donations are tax deductable as per law.

About us

Ecocare is a modest first step towards the eventually lofty goal of regenerating ecology, environment and wildlife. We begin with specific focus on the undeserved region that has the significant conservation value for the rare and unique wildlife . Such habitat is the home to some of the rarest birds, animals and plants found nowhere else in the world.

Our focus is to support landscape level approach for the conservation of wildlife and its diversified habitat to ensure the safe survival in the natural environment.

Ecocare is engaged in several grassroots level conservation and awareness projects in North America and India. Preservation of the last remaining patches of the grassland in Kutch, Gujarat State in India is one of the major undertaking by us. The foundation is already working in partnership with Kutch Ecological Research center to save the rare and critically endangered bird called Great Indian Bustard, Ardeotis Nigriceps, a species who has lost 90 percent of its former geographic distribution range due to habitat loss.

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